Partial Dentures

Partial Denture 

A partial denture replaces some, but not all, of the teeth in an arch. A major advantage of the partial denture over a complete denture is that the partial denture can utilize the remaining teeth for support rather than relying strictly on suction. Often, the more teeth that remain for a partial denture to utilize for support, the more stable and comfortable the appliance is.

Cast Frame Partial Denture

The conventional partial denture design involves a cast metal frame and a pink acrylic base to which the artificial teeth are attached. The cast metal frame design is generally considered an advantage because of its stability and durability. The metal frame and clasps, however, can be an esthetic disadvantage.

Valplast and Flexite Partial Dentures

Newer thermoplastic materials such as Valplast and Flexite are gaining popularity as a metal-free option to the partial denture. These materials offer superior comfort and esthetics over the cast frame designs. They are light weight and extremely comfortable to wear.

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