Thank You For Giving Me My Smile Back!

Susan L.

Dear Dr. Christopher:

Thank you for giving me my smile back!

I was very distressed when it became necessary for me to have a tooth extracted that was to me, quite visibly missing when I smiled. Since part of my job responsibilities include addressing the public, I was certain that the entire audience noticed my missing tooth.

Through your clear guidance and expert consultation, the best method for replacing my missing tooth was determined. The temporary tooth you expertly crafted made me feel better right away and gave every appearance of a natural tooth. My replacement tooth was ready and set in place in two short office visits.

I can truly say that when I smile, the replacement tooth is indistinguishable which are the exact results we wanted! Please know that I sincerely appreciate your expertise, your care and concern and the professionalism of your entire office staff. 

Susan L.

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